Grounding Clips

Today’s EMI noise issues are detected at higher frequency ranges, especially 500MHz to higher GHz range with the higher speed-processors and wireless units within the application devices. The limited space applications such as smart phones, cell phones and thin laptops have more internal noise interference between the components or cross talk issues within the applications. SMT type onboard contacts are EMI noise solutions for higher frequency ranges in combination with shielding or filtering solutions. These cost effective parts are tiny structures that can fit into small gaps.

Z-Tech has a wide range of SMT (Surface Mount) grounding clips, which gives you the advantages of sophisticated structures and precision of work including:

  • Space-saving FG reinforcement enabled at the design stage.
  • Space-saving FG facilitation even where screws are precluded.
  • Effective for emissions and ESD immunity.
  • All EMC solutions can be completed on the board level including grounding, shielding and filtering.
  • Shaped to prevent spring deformation by hook.
  • Frame Grounding Wire Mesh Straps: FGM Series.

These are sophisticated and well-designed SMT contacts, as well as special type of contacts such as onboard plates, onboard shielding can holders, and others.

To see the types of grounding products available to you, click here.

Frame_Grounding_Wire_Mesh_Straps Grounding Contacts

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